CAP Arreghini

Color with respect for nature


Effects able to recreate picturesque settings. GENERATION ART is the new collection of decorative products, available in 8 different finishes, which remind of atmospheres characterised by an innovative trend or with a traditional flavour. GENERATION ART decorative products, with a wide range of colours, are also designed for private use.?The various sensations of matter expressed by the GENERATION ART finishes leave ample room for the applicator’s ability and creativity, and also for the imagination of anyone who wants to give a unique and exclusive appearance to their home or the room to be decorated. Thanks to the wealth of colour variants, application techniques and product combinations, the possible results are really endless.

Water-dilutable, water-impermeable and moderately breathable paint, which is easy to apply and ideal for professional use as it is extremely compatible and has excellent adhesion and workability properties on a wide variety of substrates.

Aqueous dispersion of pearlescent and/or luminescent pigments ideal for tinting colourless water-based paint and enamel dispersions. The pigments are specially selected to guarantee resistance to light and to atmospheric agents and can therefore be used for products for both interior and exterior use.

Skim coating for interior use with decorative and filling function. Adheres to various materials and is characterized by good workability. This skim coating for interior use has a decorative and filling function.