CAP Arreghini

Color with respect for nature


BIO range was born from innovation and the Green spirit of Cap Arreghini. Products formulated with naturally derived raw materials, which respect  people and the environment that surrounds us.?Best balance between performance and attention to nature, a perfect synthesis of a set of values ??that are the foundation Cap Arreghini’s  philosophy: quality, reliability and commitment to a sustainable future.

The color with no compromise. EColor Arreghini CAP is a range of paints with low environmental impact. All paintings are acrylic-based eColor, made with the best ecological criteria for air emissions of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) that is close to zero.

Feeling comfortable at home is crucial. The thermal comfort inside buildings, as well as energy saving and healthy air are essential elements to get a feeling of well being in our environment.
The coatings made of  Siloxsil and  Siloxcap minerals are part of the THERMOCAP coating system in CAP Arreghini. As well as ensuring maximum well-being all year protecting from cold during the winter and shielding from the heat in the summer months, it also ensures a proper insulation and an effective protection of the facades. the end result of THERMOCAP is safety and durability. Gradient Pore Anti-mould paint is an insulation  paint that allows heat transfer while maintaining heat in the wall and reduces the temperature difference between  inside and outside.