CAP Arreghini

Color with respect for nature


Thermal comfort in buildings and energy conservation issues are very current and of global interest. The lining of a coating done by THERMOCAP Arreghini CAP, in addition to ensuring maximum comfort all year, protects from cold during the winter and shade from the heat in the summer months. It also ensures a proper sound insulation and sound protection of surfaces.  THERMOCAP’s security is in the final result and durability. 

Below 6 reasons to choose THERMOCAP 
1. THERMOCAP SYSTEM, made from plaster base RASANTE ADHESIVE 50, W and THERMOCAP MURISOL primer coating, has the right balance between water vapour permeability and water resistance without water

2. The EPS INSULATION chosen for the THERMOCAP system records the lowest conductivity on the market.

3. The RASACAP RASANTE ADHESIVE 50 has a bond strength - EPS insulation between walls and - significantly above the value required for marking. Such resistance is maintained in all weather, even when dry or humid.

4. The reinforcement mesh used in the THERMOCAP system presents such a tear strength as to be considerably higher than the criteria required by the CE marking, even after aging. 

5. The RASACAP RASANTE ADHESIVE 50 used as a plaster to drown the net ensures a high adhesion, high water resistance and excellent mechanical stability.

6. ITHERMOCAP SYSTEM remains intact even when subjected to temperature variations between -20 ° and +50 °, rain and temperatures up to 70 °. THERMOCAP therefore is not subject to swelling, broken joints, gaps, cracks or water after the water test.

POLYSTYRENE PANEL: polystyrene foam insulation panels, CE marked in accordance with UNI-EN 13163, as guaranteed by the eco-ETICS.

FIXTURE ON THE WEB: certified ETAG 004, dressing, and alkali resistant to traction, allows easy installation of the plaster skim coat.

CORNER: PVC with certified network makes it easy to place the armature at the edges.

PROFILES: aluminium facilitates the installation of panels.

BATTENS: 130 and 150, expansion, provide greater anchoring strength and support of the panel.