CAP Arreghini

Цвет с уважением к природе



The “Colnago CAP Arreghini Sudtirol” team dominates the Italian women’s Cross Country MTB championship of Torre Canavese (Turin)

A new success for the “Colnago CAP Arreghini Sudtirol” team. Champion Eva Lechner in fact dominated the Italian Women’s Elite Cross Country MTB Championship, which took place on the hill course of Torre Canavese (Turin). A 7.5 km race in which the team leader showed that she was the strongest and most competitive at national level and, above all, that she had no competitors able to oppose her. Eva Lechner, the protagonist of a solo and runaway attacking race, beat her opponents by a very wide margin: Elena Giacomuzzi from Trento, who came second, arrived after 6’, while Evelyn Staffler from Bolzano, who came third, finished with a gap of 7’14”.