3 января 2012 Новости

CAP Arreghini draws the look

After the recent inauguration of the Research & Development Laboratory, a technology pioneer, CAP Arreghini hits the target of innovation by launching its new brand. It is a new phase in the history of CAP Arreghini, which sets out its 60 years of work, combining traditional values with new content. The brand CAP Arreghini is completely renovated, but retains ingredients that make the synthesis of a presence that is instantly recognizable: the unmistakable green «CAP» and the «signature» Arreghini represent the change in continuity, a sign of the past reinterpreted in the present. The acronym CAP today is more stylized and dynamic, while the pay-off Italian paints since 1950 emphasizes the identity of the historical producers of paints and varnishes «internationally Italian». This sentence was deliberately chosen in English as it tells a story of Italian excellence, projected in an international context. This change speaks of a path rich in content and not just a new face «cosmetic», but also a well-defined communication strategy to reach all current and potential customers. CAP Arreghini is a company that is at pace with time but does not forget its roots, rather it highlights them, thanks to the professionalism and reliability won over the years and which has always been recognized by the market. From this moment onwards the new label will be marked on all the communication tools and, gradually on all CAP Arreghini’s products.