CAP Arreghini boasts a strong quality culture that emerges in all aspects of doing business, through a constant process of improvement and innovation. From the careful selection of suppliers and materials to the finished product and its distribution, all the stages are constantly monitored according to a strict control system that guarantees a perfect balance between compliance with the existing regulations and required performance.

CAP Arreghini SpA has been awarded the International Quality Certification ISO 9001:2000, by the certifying body BVQI, that certifies the achievement of excellent standards in the organization, in the processes and in the focus on the customer, which are guarantees of the company’s constant commitment to continuous improvement.

In addition to the company certification, CAP Arreghini SpA boasts numerous product certifications that guarantee compliance with the levels set by the various regulations. Through yearly tests and checks on samples of products taken directly at the factories, the Authorized Institutes guarantee that the characteristics described in the technical data sheets are in line with what is registered with the Certification Institute.

Moreover, from the perspective of reducing environmental impact, the company’s efforts are currently concentrated on the development of eco-friendly products, linked to the reduction of emissions to the atmosphere of VOCs – Volatile Organic Compounds – and to the recent green building regulations.All this is evidence of great commitment to careful and responsible management and manufacture, in order to always offer reliable, performant and safe solutions.