CAP Arreghini boasts a strong culture of quality that is reflected in every aspect of corporate activity, through an ongoing process of improvement and innovation. From the careful selection of suppliers and materials to the finished product and its distribution, all phases are continuously monitored according to a strict control system that guarantees the perfect balance between compliance with the required statutory parameters and performance.

CAP Arreghini SpA enjoys ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 System Certifications that confirm the achievement of excellent standards in organisation, processes, and environmental issues. In fact, it is a firm belief that work activities should not burden the environment that surrounds them and that hazardous or potentially harmful situations should therefore be monitored, in order to consistently improve their impact on the environment by pursuing the goal of continuous improvement.

In the context of reducing its environmental impact, the company’s commitment focuses on the development of eco-compatible products, linked to the reduction of VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions into the atmosphere in compliance with recent green building regulations. This is a testament to the company’s great commitment in terms of careful and responsible management and production, to always provide reliable, high-performance, and safe solutions.