2000 Tix Active

High quality breathable anti-mould paint


Indoor water based wall paint; it is highly breathable, easy to apply, with drying times that enable rapid use of the living area. It is equipped with filling and coverage capacities on different types of surfaces. Its quality allows you to achieve the aesthetic and technical solution for the diverse needs of painting with a good level of finishing. Due to the presence of particular aggregates coated with wax, it is particularly breathab le so as to avoid condensation of environments subject to high concentrations of water vapour such as kitchens and bathrooms.It is supplemented with a fungicide to guarantee resistance against moulds on the wall; it is effective against various species and insoluble in water, which helps to maintain the treated surface unaltered and intact for long periods of time.

  • resistant to mould
  • matt finish
  • breathable
Colour: White.
8-10 m2/l
+5°C +30°C
+5°C +30°C

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