Fire retardant and intumescent products


It is a system that is indicated for the treatment and protection of wooden structural artefacts (e.g. beams, floors) whose fire resistance must be increased. In case of fires ranging from temperatures of 200/250 ° c, the paint on the treated surface develops a layer of foam (intumescence) which is very compact and of considerable thickness which decreases significantly the natural rate of carbonization of wood.

Colour: transparent.
2.5 m2/kg (consumption 400 g/m2)
Recoatable 4–6h; fully 24h
brush 7-10% by weight, airless / air coat 5-7% by weight with mains water taking care to add it very slowly and by controlling the temperature of the product and the temperature of the dilution water which should not be less than + 10 ° C.
+15°C +30°C
+5°C e +30°C.

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