K81 Topcap Opaco

Matt enamel for walls


Enamel f or walls, suitable for a pplications in interior and exterior, characterized by a every matt finish, equal to 10 Gloss. It can be applied on plasters of differ ent nature, ensuring visual homogeneity and a high covering power. The outstanding features of washability and resistance to abrasion make it suitable to meet the requirements of Reg. 852/2004/CE, ideal for the protection of walls in storage environments and / or where food products are processed, hospital rooms and in all cases where it is necessary to ensure high standards of health and hygiene.

  • matt finishing
  • super-washable
  • resistant to dirt and abrasion
Colour: White
The range of colors can be extended in shades of Area 115, Spazio 100, Tintoretto and Tucano colour charts.
7-9 m2/l
+5°C +30°C
+5°C +30°C

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