Sil96 Active

Siloxane matt paint for exteriorsSiloxane matt paint for exteriors


Siloxane resin-based water-soluble paint that ensures excellent water repellence providing a barrier against mould and dirt over long periods of time. It is waterproof and breathable, easy to apply; and ideal for professional use as it is extremely compatible and has excellent adhesion, filling power and coverage of different types of surfaces. It is a high quality paint with siloxane-based resins, which provides good protection and resistance of colour outdoors. A good balance between permeability and resistance to water vapour diffusion characterizes it, such as to ensure the breathability required to guarantee dry walls, making it suitable for finishing dehumidifying systems.

  • resistant to atmospheric agents
  • high coverage
  • matt finishing
  • water resistant
Colour: White AC16.
The range of colours can be extended in the shades found on the Area 115, Spazio 100 and Tucano colour samplers. The colours are obtainable with the Arreghini Colors 16 system. Between a production and the other the colour may be slightly different, it is therefore necessary to finish the work with the same production.
9-11 m2/l
+5°C +30°C
+5°C +30°C

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