Fire retardant and intumescent products

It is a two-component polyurethane, solvent-based system, indicated for the indoor treatment of Class 1 fire retardant of wood products, particularly suitable for wooden floors. The cycle is suitable to be applied on wood materials with the exception of:
-veneered materials with slices or strips of wood with adhesives made from thermoplastic resins;
-assembled with a cellular structure or strip or air cavities filled with heterogeneous material;
as required by the UNI 9796/1990. The cycle is composed of several layers of Ignisol Parquet A+B.

  • excellent resistance to abrasion
  • good elasticity
Colour: Colourless
Ready to use.
Completely dry 24h
Per class 1: 2.5 m2/kg (consumption 400 g/m2)
Per layer: 7.5 m2/kg (consumption 133 g/m2)
+10°C +30°C
+5°C e +30°C

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