Mineral paint for interiors


Wall lime based mineral pa in t, easy to apply, with drying times that enable rapid us e of living spaces. Due to its chemical nature does not form a film, but hardens by reacting chemically with the sur face and thanks its high alkalinity, has a greater resistance to mould than conventional indoor paints. It is characterized by high diffusion of water vapour such as to ensure the transpiration required to obtain dry walls and avoid condensation of environments subjected to high concentration of water vap our such as kitchens and bathr ooms. The high transpiration ma kes it ideal for finishing of dehumidifying systems. Its has good coverage and low tendency to splash thus can be applied with manual or mechanical tools which guarantee a finish characterized by a high filling capacity, visual consistency and uniform opacity on large surfaces with backlighting.

  • high coverage
  • matt finish
  • resistant to wet brushing
Colour: White.
The range may be extended in shades of the Tucano colour sampler. The colours are feasible with the Arreghini Colors 16 system. Between one production and the other the colour may be slightly different, it is therefore necessary to finish the job with the same production.
6-8 m2/Kg
15-30% 15-30%
+5°C +30°C
+5°C +30°C

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