Silicate mineral paint for exteriors


Paint with mineral binders based on potassium silicate. Does not form a film due to its chemic al nature, but hardens by reacting chemically with the surface. It is characterized by a high diffusion of water vapour such so as to ensure the transpiration that is required to obtain dry walls, making it suitable for finishing of dehumidifying systems. Its quality ensures high security and resistance of the colour outdoors and allows it to fill the surface obtaining a compact homogeneous finish, with uniform opacity. These features make it suitable for facades of buildings both new and historical.

  • high coverage
  • matt finish
  • resistant to wet brushing
Colour: white AC16.
The range of colours can be extended in shades of P and T of the Tucano colour chart. The colours are feasible with the Arreghini Colors 16 system. Between one production and the other the colour may be slightly different, it is therefore necessary to finish the job with the same production. Mineral products react chemically with the surface and therefore on plaster of different nature and composition a difference in colour may show even in the same batch. Prepare the base correctly.
8-10 m2/l
+5°C +30°C
+5°C +30°C

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