Fiber Finitura: Opaque dimming effect finish. Fiber Fondo: Textured effect primer


Decorative paint with a tissue effect, that will donate the tactile feeling of weaving on your walls. The product has an acrylic watery-based resin, matt aspect, characterized from good washability and adhesion. The final aspect is obtained using a first lay of FIBER FONDO and then a lay of FIBER FINITURA.

Цветова диаграма
FIBER FINITURA: 10-15% with water
FIBER FONDO: Ready to use
FIBER FONDO: overcoatable 8h
FIBER FINITURA: overcoatable 5-8h; Fully 5 days
FIBER FONDO: 3-5 m2/l
FIBER FINITURA: 10-15 m2/l per coat
+5°C +30°C
+5°C +30°C

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