Hydrocap Lucido

High quality waterborne enamel - glossy/satin-


Enamel that can be applied on wood, metal and plastic products, indoors and outdoors, waterproof, easy to apply, ideal for professional use as it has high compatibility and adhesion as well as filling capacity and coverage of different types of surfaces. Ensures a finish with excellent uniformity, along with mechanical and weather resistance. Its high quality achieves the aesthetic and technical solution for the various painting requirements with a high level of finish and with maximum protection and colour resistance outdoors, even in situations of high exposure to harsh conditions. The characteristics of elasticity and resistance to wearing create a film that is stable, durable and attractive also in cases of variation in size of the surfaces due to changing climatic conditions. It is applied directly on zinc.

  • resistant to external agents
  • adhesion on different surfaces
  • elasticity to physical changes of the surfaces
  • easy spreading
Colours: as per colour sample.
Hydrocap is available in a wide range of expandable colours in shades of the Tintoretto and RAL wads for indoor and outdoor.
10-12 m2/l
+15°C +30°C
+5°C +30°C

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