The brand is the company’s business card, the tool with which it presents itself and makes itself known in the market. This is emphasised by the evolution of the business in parallel with the change in the graphic image of the brand. Each change of the brand tells the stages of a story.

The “CAP” brand originated as the acronym of Colorificio Arreghini Portogruaro (Arreghini Paint Factory in Portogruaro): a clear message about the company’s mission, about its bond with the territory and about the importance of creating a mutually beneficial relationship with the customer.

The first versions of the logotype emphasized the heavy bold type lettering, refined by serifs that, however, were not in conflict with its strong and determined mark. The logo is white and sits on a background that is emerald green, a colour that denotes solidity and reliability, with a strong reminder of nature. The “CAP” acronym is always associated to its meaning “Colorificio Arreghini Portogruaro”.


Over the years, “CAP” has become a veritable brand: “CAP” is a system, “CAP” identifies quality, “CAP” is a guarantee of reliability.

During the nineties, the “winning line” appeared, a white-green graphic sign that accentuates the logo and “holds” it in a loop. The winning line then became an integral part of the logotype in all contexts and representations. The last chronological evolution was the name “Colorificio Arreghini Portogruaro” that may not appear beside the acronym, or may be reduced to just the name “Arreghini”. Decade after decade, “CAP Arreghini” has become a household name, highlighting the well known “brand” value that does not however forget its history.