Respect for people and the environment is a priority to which CAP Arreghini devotes constant attention. For several years now, numerous procedures have been implemented to continuously improve environmental performance.

The commitment of Research to progressively reduce the use of substances harmful to the environment and people in the formulations, in both production and downstream applications.

The design of building systems that offer high insulation performance while reducing energy consumption for residential heating and climate control.

The development of improved performance and long-lasting products to extend the intervals between maintenance operations.

Searching for UNI EN ISO 14001:2015-certified sources of primary materials that are as close as possible to the CAP Arreghini production site in order to minimise road transport.

Planning building layouts to reduce the amount of noise, exhaust fumes, and incoming or outgoing traffic.

Receiving and unloading of liquid raw materials in a totally enclosed circuit system using strict doublechecking procedures to eliminate any risk of spillage.

Close-cycle manufacturing with minimal atmospheric pollution emissions.

Recovery of production streams and their distillation in order to reuse the recovered solvent in the production cycle.

Rainwater harvesting from drainage pits is used for in-house equipment cleaning.

Waste separation and disposal are entrusted to UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 certified companies.