The company

Passion, professionality, and quality are the values underlying CAP Arreghini’s successful evolution. This story traces its roots back to the early 1950s when its founder Adolfo Arreghini, a painter and experienced restorer who was trained in Venice, began to produce the colours required for his profession independently. Over the years the company has evolved and adapted to the requirements of the market, satisfying and even anticipating its demands, becoming a joint stock company in 1988. CAP Arreghini has been able to understand the changes in society by combining technological evolution with the tradition of reliability and business practice.


CAP Arreghini SpA, built on the strength of its 70 years of experience and advanced know-how, is an efficient and well-structured company that pays great attention to technological innovation, research, and the development of high-performance solutions, offering excellent yields and maximum safety combined with the utmost environmental and human protection. Having a positive impact on its employees, partners, customers, stakeholders, the community at large as well as the environment has always been an important objective and a key feature of the company’s corporate strategy.


The entire production process is 100% Made in Italy, a value that expresses the great commitment to the entire manufacturing cycle with all its complexities. A nationwide distribution and sales network leader, CAP Arreghini stands out for its complete and diversified product line, serving the most wide-ranging applications, underlining the professionalism and reliability that have always been its trademark. Prompt deliveries and efficient customer service represent a solid anchor for the national and international markets. Attention to consumer dynamics and the evolution of markets continue to secure CAP Arreghini an excellent level of competitiveness.

CAP Arreghini and sustainability

Respect for the environment and its conservation, as well as a commitment to contribute to people’s well-being, are the principles that guide us in our daily choices.


At CAP Arreghini, we are aware that a responsible and modern company has an important role to play not only for its customers, employees, and collaborators but also for the social and economic system and for the territory where it is operating every day.


By offering quality products and services, we strive to do our best to support the environment and safeguard the surrounding environment by investing in company projects that constantly reduce the environmental impact of all our manufacturing operations, including making responsible choices in the selection of raw materials and suppliers, which is confirmed by the UNI EN ISO 14001 certification we have achieved.


The idea of sustainability represents a commitment not only to reducing our impact on the Planet but also to the social and economic well-being of people, by promoting their wellness within the company and in the communities where they live. It is only by placing people at the centre that we can help protect our future and create added value for society as a whole.