19 May 2022 News

Like a woman’s face, even a wall can change personality with the skilful art of make-up. CAP Arreghini introduces a new idea of Wall-Beauty that turns even the plainest of walls into walls full of character and charm that tell a story.


CAP Arreghini has always produced creative solutions, effects and decorative finishes that make Wall Beauty their distinguishing trait. With the launch of a new collection of effects, CAP Arreghini revolutionizes the rules of Home Decorating, thanks to its unique and unprecedented vision of Wall Make-up Art that is able to give surfaces a new and vibrant personality.


The idea of Wall-Beauty goes beyond the classical canons of decorating; it is a challenge to imagine new combinations of textures, materials and effects to transform the aesthetic personality of a house or room, imbuing it with new meaning, charm and vibrant beauty.


Wall Make-up Art revolutionizes the concept of decoration, based on a new paradigm that sees walls as the “skin” of a house, that should be valorised in its capacity to tell a story, to arouse emotion and admiration through its unique and exclusive material effects.


Inspiration, combined with technique and meticulous attention to materials. The new way of contemporary living by CAP Arreghini transforms spaces by combining elegance, design and respect for the environment.


No longer is it just the art of decorating a wall to give it character, but it is the ability of transforming a wall into a visual masterpiece that is capable of conveying expressiveness and appeal. Hence the new generation of decorators, the Wall Make-up Artists, the ambassadors of a new ideal of beauty, who will leave their personal signature design on every wall.