Wall Make-up Art reflects the new vision of Home Decoration by CAP Arreghini. No longer is it just the art of decorating a wall to give it character, but it is the ability of transforming a wall into a visual masterpiece that is capable of conveying expressiveness and charm, and of telling a story.

Wall Make-up Art is based on a new paradigm that sees walls as the “skin” of a house, that should be valorised in its capacity to tell a story, to produce charm and admiration. The wall becomes the vibrant centre of a new beauty, transforming itself into the main attraction of the room and embellishing the atmosphere with a new aesthetic personality.

Wall Make-up Artist

It is through Wall Make-up Art that we get our Wall Make-up Artists; a new generation of decorators who, thanks to their experience, aesthetic expertise, manual skills, techniques and passion, are able to enhance the beauty of our homes with a new, intense expressiveness.

Wall Make-up Artists are true experts in the field of internal decoration, of colours and of various application techniques. They are the artists of Home Decor; artists who design walls with unique and exclusive material effects conceived and studied according to styles and furnishing accessories.

Wall Make-up Artists will make each person’s wishes come true and leave their personal signature design on each wall.

Inspirations Generation Art

Inspirations Generation Art is a vast collection of unique and exclusive material effects that originate from a fusion of products from the Generation Art line and from the construction line, guided by the inspiration of Wall Make-up Artists.

This combination is like a brain: practical, organized, logical and rational on the one hand, lively, artistic and creative on the other. In fact, it is the right hemisphere of the brain that lights up as an emotional spectator to indicate that this is where the inspiration comes from.