Wall Make-up Artists are the ambassadors of a new idea of beauty; they bring their wealth of aesthetics, artisanship, passion and drive towards innovation into your home. They belong to a new generation of decorators who will leave their personal design signature on every wall.

Paolo Spigolon

“A Free Spirit” is how I would describe myself, as the way I express decoration is FREE; I don’t go by the rules, I make plain walls become elements of pure design. This job is my world; a world in which technique and passion combine perfectly to create unique and exclusive effects each time. This is where true magic is unleashed. Each decoration is unique, almost unrepeatable, as each job is driven by unique emotions and sensations.


SPECIALIZATION: Material textures with lime-based products and fillers

ZONE: Triveneto

FACEBOOK: Spirito Libero di Paolo Spigolon

INSTAGRAM: spigolonpaolo

Stefano Santinon

Born into art. My passion for decoration was handed down to me from my father. Right from an early age, I lived in contact with the tools of the trade and admired the decorator’s style and technique. Over the years, decorating has become a real “revolution”, as each house, through different sensations, gives me inspiration to develop different solutions and find new techniques to create unique atmospheres. Each decoration is an emotion that expresses so much.


SPECIALIZATION: Lime-based decorative materials and fillers

ZONE: Veneto

WEB: www.wtcpitture.com

INSTAGRAM: WTCpitture_srl_decorazioni

Diego Godi

I started this profession in 1994 thanks to some craftsmen who taught me the basic skills of the trade. Over the years, this job has turned into a passion, which has driven me to keep myself constantly active and updated. Professionalism, precision and cleanliness are my paramount values in every task. What is never missing? Listening to my customers and advising them on the right effects according to their furnishing and design style.


SPECIALIZATION: Working with lime-based products to create textures

ZONE: Parma

FACEBOOK: Diego Godi

INSTAGRAM: pareti.stile

Manuel Somma

Of Neapolitan origin but residing in Desenzano del Garda for some time now. I started my career as a decorator at a very young age.  My passion for this craft and the techniques have always been put at the customer’s service. You can recognize my decorations because they are original. I don’t always play by the rules, I like to break away from the traditional standards and create decorations that will leave a mark behind. To see customers who are happy with the end result is far more rewarding than the economic side of it.


SPECIALIZATION: Material art in the creation of marble effects.

ZONE: Desenzano del Garda

FACEBOOK: DecorStyle

INSTAGRAM: manueldecorstyle